Summary of the Affair

Christian Maillaud (Stan) is the voice of London’s grandson, a former policeman who is involved in chassing paedophile’s rings. He is currently on the run being sought for doing the right thing ("Affaire Vincent") and has disappeared since September 22nd this year in the most suspicious circumstances.
September 22nd 2012 :
He along with his team was investigating a paedophile-Satanist ring in Amancey in the area of Besançon, East of France. He unfortunately had to run away while being checked “randomly” by the police. At that very moment Janett Seeman (his partner in life) and Jeremy Lehut (investigator) were meeting in secret the witness and victim. Jeremy and Janett are the only persons to whom the victim has accepted to make a statement.
October 4th 2012: Janett's Alert.
Janett reports the Stan's disappearance through a web alert.
October 20th 2012 : Amancey Meeting.
Meeting and public conference for the support of Stan Maillaud and his team has been held in Amancey. It was the first international meeting on the subject of paedophile criminal rings. This meeting was part of a long investigation report that followed the first film titled (“Les Réseaux de l'Horreur”) which was a report on the powerful protection that these paedophile rings obtain from inside the French State itself.
Notes: The Amancey victim seems to be the 9th person to testify about the framework of this report. Three uncut auditions are already online: Veronique, Helene, and Sandrine.
October 23rd 2012 : The arrests of Janett Seeman, Jeremy Lehut, and Sandrine Gachadoat.
The Sandrine’s file has been the excuse to justify the arrests of Janett, Jeremy, Sandrine and more people just after they gave a public lecture on the situation (Amancey Meeting). This was also the beginning of this committee of support. Janett and Jeremy were supposed to meet up again with the witness the following day in order to record the interview. The Belgium MP, Laurent Louis, had already given his approval for a Belgium protection for this witness. This victim is an adult and therefore remains free of her whereabouts.
November 08th 2012 : Jessica X’s message.
Jessica X’s message explains so well Stan Maillaud’s reasoning and the steps to bring a shocking proof in his documentary, like a child rape. Jessica says she is ready to hand herself to the justice under the charge of complicity of criminal conspiracy.

Note: These heroes have been depicted as criminals planning to rapt children from malevolent people, and it has been easy for them to do so. A general outlook of the situation shows that Stan and his team are very inconvenient for the high powers in place. Such a rebellion could not be let to happen.

November 13th 2012 : Jeremy Lehut out of jail.


Translation: landaise


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