Paedophilia: The french activist Christian 'Stan' Maillaud disappeared !

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here you can find an alert about a french activist who disappeared recently while he was investigating on a child abuse ring in Le Doubs.

French Television 3 - 20/10/2012

Read a summary of the affair

Florence Cicolella (French TV presenter in FR3) :” let’s go now to the next story which is as complex as incredible. On the 22nd of September 2012 Christian called “Stan” Maillaud, ex-gendarme who has become a paedophile hunter, disappeared while he was undergoing an ordinary police check in Amancey in Le Doubs (East of France). Since that day no more news has been heard from him, but loads of rumours have spread to the point where his partner decided to gather support today here in Amancey and to officially question the gendarmes to try to clarify the situation. Jean-Luc Gantner, Jean-Marie Baverel.

Voice off:” Christian Maillaud, alias Stan for a few groups of child’s protection against paedophilia. The man has definitely disappeared while he was undergoing an ordinary police check on the last 22nd of September.

Lieutenant Colonel of the gendarmes Julien Burlet:
“While we were checking the car and the front passenger without any explanation opened the door and ran in the maize field.”

Voice off:
The chase had started; - the activist was under a warrant for arrest. He had been condemned in 2009 to one year in jail for the abduction of a little boy from his father’s care (The Vincent Affair) – since, no news at all. Inevitably his relatives, like his partner have decided to react strongly in order to discover the truth.

Janett Seeman:
I doubt constantly….what happened? I am asking myself so many questions, I am left in complete darkness. Who says the truth? Who lies? I don’t know.

Lieutenant Colonel of the gendarmes Julien Burlet:
“We are in charge of protecting the social order by applying the law. Our first mission is the protection of the citizen. We are hurt by the fact that some people accuse us to be involved in paedophile and Satanists rings activities.”

Voice off:
“This Saturday, about 60 activists came from France, Switzerland and Belgium to give their support to Janett Stan’s companion and to show their commitment to the grand cause they back up.”

Laurent Louis, Federal MP in the Belgium parliament:
“It is normal to be here as a member of this network of activists who fight in the background in order for me to bring my official support (…)”

Voice off:
“The advocate of The Children’s Rights (though in fringe from the official Institutions) came in Franche-Comté on the 22nd of September while on the run, to investigate on an alleged criminal Paedophiles ring.”

Janett Seeman:
“There are people out there, notables who gather and rape, torture children. And this is happening in this area, but unfortunately it happens anywhere else in France (…).

Lieutenant Colonel of the gendarmes Julien Burlet:
We have opened an investigation to check that up OK? I can’t tell you more than that because we are submitted to the secret during the investigation and we are checking these declarations.” (Number to be called 0800004843)

Voice off:
“The activists gathered in the little village of Amancey for what they say to be the 1st European meeting against organised paedophilia are expected to camp on the site for the week-end waiting for answers to their numerous questions.”

Transcription: Alf

Traduction: Zarathoustra


Links: (Laurent Louis alert)

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